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Voice and Data Cabling

At TrinityTech, our technicians have years of experience behind their belts implementing structured cabling systems in offices of various sizes.

We install complete systems including : cable installation, associated hardware(cabinets, patch panels, switches, routers etc), as well as telecommunications equipment as needed.

Structured cabling supports a wide range of uses, such as providing telephone service or transmitting data through computer networks. Structured cabling is not device dependent.



Each structured cabling system is customized due to variations in:

  • architectural structure of the building, in particular the area which houses the cabling installation

  • cable and connection products

  • function and purpose of the cabling installation

  • types of equipment the cabling installation will support - current, expected and future

  • configuration of pre-existing systems (upgrades or retrofits to be done or do replacements need to be done)

  • Partner requirements and wants

  • Manufacturer warranties

The methods used in cabling installations are standardized in order to ensure standard levels of system performance from increasingly complex and varying structure designs.

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